For Parents

There are times as parents when you don’t have the answers and you don’t know where to turn.

Following are a few useful resources to give parents a helping hand:

Partners for Children and Families of Moore County

From its offices one-half mile north of the Moore County Airport, Partners for Children and Families of Moore County offers child care referral services to the public, technical assistance to area child care programs and financial support to partner organizations providing a wide variety of services to families of young children. As part of North Carolina’s nationally recognized and award-winning early childhood initiative known as Smart Start, the goal of PfCF is that all young children enter school healthy and ready to succeed. Contact PfCF at 7720 N.C. 22, Carthage, at (910) 949-4045 or visit

Department of Social Services

The Department of Social Services also offers a child day-care coordination program. In addition, DSS may also determine eligibility for Smart Start day care funds. Moore County Social Services is located at 1036 Carriage Oaks Dr., Carthage. Call (910) 947-2436

Moore County Head Start/ Early Head Start

The Head Start Program is a federally funded program serving children ages 3-5. Enrollment is based on family income, meeting federal incomes. Ten percent of available slots are reserved for children with disabilities. All Head Start children and families participate in a comprehensive program of education, health, parent involvement and social services. Early Head Start (EHS) provides a high-quality, nurturing and safe environment for children from birth to age 3. Expectant mothers also are served through a prenatal program. Moore County has four locations, including Aberdeen Head Start/EHS, 333 Glasgow St., Aberdeen, (910) 944-0457; Southern Pines Head Start/EHS, 1400 W. Indiana Ave., (910) 692-4588; Taylortown Head Start, 8364 Main St., West End, (910) 295-5437; Vass-Cypress Head Start, 272 Seaboard St., Vass, (910) 245-3883. The Moore County Head Start/Early Head Start is headquartered at the Southern Pines Head Start/EHS location.

Child Care Referral

Partners for Children and Families of Moore County’s Child Care Resource and Referral provides information on local child care options, including referrals to child care centers, family child care homes, half-day preschools and afterschool programs. A counselor also provides information on the North Carolina child care licensing system and details on how to recognize and choose a quality child care program. Call (910) 949-4045, ext. 103.

After-School Program

Christ Way Deliverance Church offers a free 21st Century Community Learning Center afterschool program for grades K-12. The church is located at 7681 U.S. 15-501, West End. Call Nathaniel Jackson at (910) 235-3715.

Licensed Child Care Providers


Aberdeen Headstart
333 Glasgow St Aberdeen, (910) 944-0457
4-star License

Aberdeen Primary Afterschool Program
310 Keyser St, Aberdeen, (910) 944-1523
3-star License

Aberdeen Primary Preschool
310 Keyser St, Aberdeen, (910) 944-1523
5-star License

Bobbi’s Child Care Center
852 Red Branch Rd, Carthage, (910) 947-1940
3-star License

Calvary Christian Day Care 1 & 2
400 S Bennett St, Southern Pines, (910) 692-8311
3-star License

Cameron Elementary Afterschool Care
2636 Hwy 24/27, Cameron, (910) 245-3113
4-star License

Carthage Elementary Afterschool Day Care
312 Rockingham St, Carthage, (910) 947-2781
4-star License

Carthage Elementary Preschool
312 Rockingham St., Carthage, (910) 947-2781
5-star License

Christian Child Development Center
145 Waterman Way, Carthage, (910) 947-3935
3-star License

Country Kids Preschool & Childcare, LLC
154 Kirk Rd, Aberdeen, (910) 281-0266
5-star License

Cyber Ed
760 S. Bennett St., Southern Pines, (910) 246-2211
5-star License

D’s Angels Learning Center
274 S Gaines St., Southern Pines, (910) 693-8046
3-star License

Danielle’s Playhouse Learning Center
316 Lincoln Ave, West End
(910) 295-3438
4-star License

Danielle’s Playhouse Learning Center II
1135 Seven Lakes Dr., West End, (910) 673-2273
3-star License


Episcopal Day School Pre-K
340 E Massachusetts Ave., Southern Pines, (910) 692-3492
2-star License

First Health Child Development Center
100 Memorial Dr, Pinehurst, (910) 715-1845
5-star License

God’s Little Blessing’s Daycare
206 Keyser St, Aberdeen, (910) 944-7175
4-star License

Grandma & Grandpa’s House Child Care
189 Flinthill Church Rd., Robbins, (910) 948-2054
3-star License

Helen’s Day Care
6104 Glendon Carthage Rd., Carthage, (910) 947-2145
3-star License

Humpty Dumpty First Choice Child Care, Inc.
1725 Richards St., Southern Pines, (910) 692-7840
Temporary License

In Loving Arms Day Care
5563 Hwy 22, Carthage, (910) 947-3912
4-star License

Janie’s Playhouse Day Care
608 Keyser St, Aberdeen, (910) 944-3595
3-star License

Jessie’s Little Blessings
645 S Page St., Southern Pines, (910) 692-5261
3-star License

Kiddie Korner I & II
503 Johnson St., Aberdeen, (910) 944-1246
3-star License

Lil’s Child Care Center
148 Boiling Springs Cr., Southern Pines, (910) 692-9216
3-star License

Lisa’s Lovable Learning Day Care
134 Alley St, Vass, (910) 245-7164
3-star License

Lisa’s Lovable Learning II
715 S Gaines St., Southern Pines, (910) 692-8848
3-star License

Little Miracles Day Care Center
163 Maple Lawn Ln, Vass, (910) 245-7141
5-star License

Little Miracles Two Child Care
427 Vass Carthage Rd, Carthage, (910) 947-5701
5-star License

Little Teapot Childcare Center
133 S Hardin St, Southern Pines
3-star License

Luv – A – Kid Montessori Learning Center
112 Lea Rd, West End, (910) 295-7529
4-star License

Magic Years Child Care Center
635 E. Forest Dr, Robbins, (910) 948-3436
3-star License

Old Plank Road Child Care Center
5135 Hwy 705 N, Robbins, (910) 948-3200
4-star License

Pinehurst Elementary Afterschool Program
100 Dundee Rd, Pinehurst, (910) 295-6969
4-star License

Riddle’s Child Care Center
10883 Hwy 24 27, Carthage, (910) 948-3940
3-star License

Robbins Elementary Preschool
268 Rushwood Rd, Robbins, (910) 948-2411
5-star License


Sandhills Children’s Center #1
1280 Central Dr, Southern Pines, (910) 692-3323
5-star License

Sandhills/Farmlife Afterschool
2201 Farmlife School Rd, Carthage, (910) 949-2501
4-star License

Shining Stars Child Development Center, Inc.
7613 Hwy 211, West End, (910) 215-8148
4-star License

Solid Rock Christian Day Care
311 E Maple St, Aberdeen, (910) 944-2099
Gs 110-106

Sonlight Child Care Center
7027 Hwy 211, West End, (910) 215-5522
Gs 110-106

Southern Pines Elementary Afterschool Program
255 S May St., Southern Pines, (910) 692-2357
4-star License

Southern Pines Head Start
1400 W Indiana Ave., Southern Pines, (910) 692-4588
5-star License

Southern Pines Primary Afterschool Program
1250 W. New York Ave., Southern Pines, (910) 692-8659
4-star License

Southern Pines Primary Preschool
1250 W New York Ave., Southern Pines, (910) 692-8659
5-star License

Taylortown Head Start
8364 Main St, Taylortown, (910) 295-5437
5-star License

Vass-Cypress Community Head Start
272 Seaboard St, Vass, (910) 245-3883
5-star License

Vass-Lakeview Elementary Preschool
141 James St, Vass, (910) 245-4860
5-star License

Vass/Lakeview Child Care
141 James St, Vass, (910) 245-7600
3-star License

Watch Me Grow Academy, LLC
100 Gossman Dr., Southern Pines, (910) 692-4977
4-star License

West End Elementary Afterschool
4483 Hwy 211, West End, (910) 673-6691
4-star License

West End Elementary Preschool
4483 Hwy 211, West End, (910) 673-6691
5-star License

West Pine Elementary Afterschool
272 Archie Rd, West End, (910) 673-2004
4-star License

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